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Kiziah Madridano

About Me

Hi there! My name is Kiziah, and this is my collection of acrylic paintings.

I grew up in the Philippines and moved to Australia in 2015 after I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Finance. As a young Kiziah, I used to love drawing cartoon characters. I once won a first-place award in Art week in high school, and my art got stolen Oops! I used to have a portfolio of cartoon characters I loved, such as Bugs Bunny, and my parents liked it so much.   After moving to Australia, one day, I was feeling upset, empty, and broken-hearted. It made me think of things I wanted to try because I love learning new things. At a young age, I never saw myself having a career in the Art Industry, but as time went by, I kept practicing. I watched YouTube tutorials, followed every step, and made a piece I never thought I could do. I started taking art more seriously when I was 20. It's Amazing how we can make things possible by learning and practicing with the motivation and inspiration we have.

I started painting more and more from friends' requests. Anime’s, Landscape, Portrait, and Original Photos. I Joined events to showcase and advertise my Paintings and inspire people through my Original pieces. Painting is my way to escape reality and express reality through it. I am glad that people felt happy receiving my artworks and keeping them to their choice of space. I hope I bring you the same amount of joy my paintings bring me.

If you would like to talk about working together, or if you have a specific project you would like to propose, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Meet The Artists


"Her artworks are amazing!! i love her originals, her color choices are superb and the textures of the paintings are awesome, she really is a super talented artist.

Tricia A.jpg


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